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Golden Booby Personalised Breastfeeding One Year Milestone Keyring

Sparkle & Dot Designs

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Golden Boobies Keyring - Sparkle and Dot
Golden Boobies Keyring - Sparkle and Dot
Gift Bag Sparkle & Dot
Golden Boobies Keyring - Sparkle and Dot
Golden Boobies Keyring - Sparkle and Dot
Golden Boobies Keyring - Sparkle and Dot

A pretty keyring gift for any Mummy's who are on a breastfeeding journey. With this listing you'll get the main keyring (PLEASE read below for the description) plus 2 brass hearts stamped with '1 YEAR' & a pair of boobies! You can always contact me if you'd like something different. A golden booby gift is the perfect way to say 'hurrah!' as a 1 year milestone.

You can purchase extra slim rectangle tags here.

All of my items are gift wrapped ❤


You have 2 choices -
• AMAZING BOOBIES OR you can leave me a note with something different. Two lines maximum with 10 characters, including spaces, per line. You'll see a box as you go through checkout where you can leave details. If there isn't a note I will send out the 'Amazing Boobies'.

☆ You will find an option to add an extra tag in the drop down menu -

☆ Name/Date Tag - this is a slim rectangle tag that can have a name & date stamped on. Depending on the length of each, they will either both go on the same side or the name on one side & date on the reverse. 
Rectangle measures 10mm x 40mm

Just select from the drop down menu, proceed to checkout & put your feet up whilst you wait for your gorgeous parcel to arrive!


❤ What is hand stamping?

Hand stamping is a fabulous way of making an imprint onto metal. It works completely by hand where metal stamps are held & boshed with a hammer, to leave an imprint. Because hand stamping uses no machinery at all, there may be little variations in depth to the imprints. A perfectly straight line is something that hand stampers worldwide scratch their heads in wonder at. The beauty of hand stamping is the imperfect perfectness of it & the fact that you really can have whatever your heart desires stamped onto a piece that you can treasure forever ❤

❤ Why aluminium?

Aluminium is a wonderfully lightweight metal. It has the beauty of any other metal but it comes with bonus points; it is a fraction of the cost, beautifully lightweight & it is hypoallergenic so perfect if other metals make you a bit on the irritated side.

❤ Copper & brass will tarnish! This can be remedied with a slice of lemon & a clean cloth or traditional metal cleaner.


🎀 If you would like your piece of Sparkle & Dot jewellery gift boxed please follow this link - (not suitable for the larger style).

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