Introducing Sparkle & Dot

I'm Tara & I live in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Sparkle & Dot is run solely by me.

I create a whole host of personalised gifts and keepsakes that are perfect when you really are struggling to find something original. 

Whether you are looking for a soppy, sweary or motivational keepsake; you're sure to find the ideal personalised keepsake. 

 After closing my shop due to health 'stuff' I decided to delve into selling jewellery from home. Sadly that didn't quench my creative thirst (even though I loved the jewellery aspect) & it was all a bit too 'perfect' for my liking so I decided to give hand stamping on metal a whirl! I fell in love instantly. Even though I was surrounded by failed aluminium blanks & it most certainly was a case of trial & error; I got there eventually!

I love words & I love the way the right words, at the right time, can turn your entire day around. I love the empowering, kickass way that simple words can make you feel & so I wanted to recreate that in my pieces.

Hand stamping is a fabulous way of making an imprint onto metal. It works completely by hand where metal stamps are held & boshed with a hammer, to leave an imprint. Because hand stamping uses no machinery at all, there are little variations in depth to the imprints. A perfectly straight line is something that hand stampers worldwide scratch their heads in wonder at so please don't be alarmed if each character doesn't line up exactly. The beauty of hand stamping is the imperfect perfectness of it & the fact that you really can have whatever your heart desires stamped onto a piece that you can treasure forever ❤ 

Be wary! There are many imitations of hand stamping. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. Hand stamping is a technique that takes practice. Lots of it. Lots of tools & equipment. And a nack of turning the air blue gracefully. Stamping is an unforgiving craft in so much as when you bugger something up, it is generally buggered for good.

I am absolutely loving what I do & it all fits in perfectly around my not so organised life! Sparkle & Dot is my passion.

You can find me on various platforms; Facebook, Instagram & Twitter & Pinterest (for all just search Sparkle & Dot) or you can contact me via the 'contact' tab at the bottom of each page.

Thank you for stopping by 🖤



Company number 09078455