All The Questions You Were Too Afraid To Ask...


All of my photos are examples of what you are ordering only. Each order is custom made so you can be sure that your item has been created just for you. Because of that you are able to tweak all of my designs. 
For very small changes you can simply use the personalisation box on each listing. If you would like more than just a tweak please contact me via any of my social media links or simply pop me over a message via the 'contact' tab at the bottom of the page. I am happy to create an invoice to be paid via PayPal. You can use PayPal without having an account. 


Any items that are on a chain will have the length provided on the listing.
Bracelets come in lots various sizes so please check the descriptions & dropdown menu choices.
Please read individual listings for measurements. 
Please measure before ordering! I cannot refund for items that do not fit.


Please leave either UK/US/AUS sizes in the personalisation box. For UK customers you can order a ring sizer HERE. If your measurements turn out to be a little off I am happy to resize for free (down or up one size) providing you pay postage (tracked) to & from. For substantial resizing I will charge a flat fee of £12 - £15 plus shipping costs. Please contact me in the first instance



  • I use individual metal stamps to create the designs/wording on my pieces. This is NOT the same (or anything remotely like) as engraving. Engraving/etching removes the metal, stamping simply displaces it.
  • The pieces will often have an imprint on the reverse side which is unavoidable. Each letter/number/design is placed by hand, not machine, & is hammered. Because of this the text may not be perfectly straight or of the same depth. The surface won't feel smooth. This is all part of the charm of a hand stamped piece. 

My photos show previous makes & give you an idea of placement & style however the finished may be slightly different, as each & every piece is made to order ❤



I am happy to discuss bulk & wholesale price options.

Wholesale - 

  • If you intend to sell on, at a profit to yourself whether online or in a shop premises.
  • There is a minimum unit purchase & a contract of sale will need to be agreed & signed.

Bulk - 

  • Personal use & no financial gain. So maybe you want to buy 10 bottle openers for a wedding party, for example. 


I try my best to capture the colours of all of my pieces as accurately as possible. Lighting conditions can sometimes make the colours 'flatter' than they are in reality.
Colours can also look completely different on different models/brands of computers and depending on how their monitors are calibrated.



If a listing doesn't have the quantity you need please get in touch. I usually always have more materials available.



  • Please do not frequently bend your piece. Like all metal you will create a weak spot that will eventually break. For pieces that need a little adjustment; the rings & bracelets, gently fit them to a comfortable size & then take on & off just like your usual pieces of jewellery.
  • Don't get your item wet! And definitely keep out of seawater & swimming pools. Chlorine & salt can & will, corrode certain metals.
  • The enamel used to ink your piece will eventually wear away. You will speed this process up if you get your item damp or wet. Don't use lotions, potions & perfumes on/near your piece.
  • Copper & brass will tarnish! They'll most likely turn your skin green too.
  • Silver will tarnish when not worn. It may turn your skin green.
  • Gone like the Hulk? This is down to your skin's chemical balance, not the metal.



I mostly use aluminium which is hypoallergenic, VERY lightweight & best of all; tarnish resistant. This is a beautiful metal so don't be put off if you're a diehard silver fan - you won't be disappointed! 
I also use sterling silver, copper, brass & rose gold filled pieces. These will all tarnish at some stage, more so if you don't wear them daily. Please read each listing for care instructions.