Customs/Import Taxes for International Orders

The cost of shipping doesn't include the various taxes that may need to be paid to receive your item. This will vary depending on the country, or even the state. Some places will need this to be paid in order for your item to be released from customs & some places won't require any extra fees. US & Australia tend to go state by state.

You can check your local government information website for details.

These fees are your responsibility & if you refuse to pay them, your item will be returned to me. If it is personalised then a refund will not offered, or if it is customised in a way that I cannot resell (for instance if you ask for a size that I don't readily offer).

I really can't give any guidance on this unfortunately. But as a rough guide -

I recently sent an item to Ireland (EU) via DPD. The item was £35, shipping was £16.50 & import taxes were an extra £12.

If you do proceed with an order it is vital you provide me an email address & a phone number. If you forget when ordering you can email me directly

For more useful shipping bits & bobs; CLICK HERE.