I've Got This Anxiety Hand Stamped Keyring-Keyring-Sparkle & Dot Designs
I've Got This Anxiety Hand Stamped Keyring-Keyring-Sparkle & Dot Designs
I've Got This Anxiety Hand Stamped Keyring-Keyring-Sparkle & Dot Designs
I've Got This Anxiety Hand Stamped Keyring-Keyring-Sparkle & Dot Designs
Sparkle & Dot Designs

You've Got This | Anxiety Hand Stamped Keyring

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A fabulous hand stamped metal keyring full of positive vibes. This quote is my own & you can also find it on one of my bracelets & also a wallet card. It reads 'IT'S A NEW DAY. BREATHE & COUNT TO TEN. I'VE GOT THIS. I'M A BADASS & I'M GOING TO ROCK TODAY' & is finished off with a little sunshine. This is a lovely mantra to get you through the day & the beauty of a keychain is you can carry it around with you. Please keep reading for important details on how to customise & sizing.

❤ Also available as a bracelet & wallet card.

Please use the drop down to select 'I've/I'm' or 'You're/You've'

☆If you're not sure on anything or would like your own wording please send me a message or simply 'request a custom order'. If you're not a regular user of Etsy my reply will probably go to your personal spam/junk mail so please check.

☆ SIZE 50mm x 30mm

❤ What is hand stamping?

Hand stamping is a fabulous way of making an imprint onto metal. It works completely by hand where metal stamps are held & boshed with a hammer, to leave an imprint. Because hand stamping uses no machinery at all, there may be little variations in depth to the imprints. A perfectly straight line is something that hand stampers worldwide scratch their heads in wonder at. The beauty of hand stamping is the imperfect perfectness of it & the fact that you really can have whatever your heart desires stamped onto a piece that you can treasure forever ❤

❤ Why aluminium?

Aluminium is a wonderfully lightweight metal. It has the beauty of any other metal but it comes with bonus points; it is a fraction of the cost, beautifully lightweight & it is hypoallergenic so perfect if other metals make you a bit on the irritated side. Unlike silver, copper & brass; aluminium will not tarnish! Look after it as recommended & aluminium will last a lifetime.

❤ Silver, copper & brass - all of these metals will tarnish at some stage. Brass & copper quicker. You can easily remedy this by following my care instructions. All of these metals can, on occasion, turn the skin a little green where the jewellery sits. This, especially with copper & silver, is nothing to do with the jewellery but your skins tolerance to the metal. Silver does contain traces of copper.



🎀 If you would like your piece of Sparkle & Dot jewellery gift boxed please follow this link - https://sparkleanddot.com/collections/hand-stamped-gifts-accessories/products/gift-box-for-sparkle-dot-hand-stamped-jewellery-hand-stamped-gift (not suitable for the larger style).

Customer Reviews

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Carol Loyd
Fabulous ideas

Thank you so much
I received a bespoke coin and a keyring today. Both for family birthdays. They are amazing and sure to be loved. Will definitely be back x

Deborah Coone
Quality craftmanship

Extreme care taken in the stamping of this piece. Neat & beautifully packaged.

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