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Aluminium Bone Shape Hand Stamped Dog ID Pet Tags Personalised

Sparkle & Dot Designs

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Aluminium Bone Shape Hand Stamped Dog ID Pet Tags Personalised
Personalised Dog ID Tag Sparkle & Dot
Personalised Dog ID Tag Sparkle & Dot
Personalised Dog ID Tag Sparkle & Dot
Aluminium Bone Shape Hand Stamped Dog ID Pet Tags Personalised

These dog ID tags are made from 2mm aluminium & shaped like a bone. Perfect to put your contact details on for if pooch goes walkabout. They can fit two lines of text & can also be stamped on the reverse too. Please be aware it is a softer metal than copper & brass.

In the personalisation box on this page just type in the text you would like. I highly recommend NOT having your pooches name on the tag.

Character allowance guidelines  -

Line 1 - 11 (including spaces & paw prints)

Line 2 - 11 (including punctuation & spaces)

You can have the same again on the reverse. Please note the surface will not be smooth as stamping leaves an imprint.

There are a few very important factors to consider before purchasing!

🐾 Depending on the collar style you may need to slide off the bone, attach the ring to the collar & then slide back on. From experience this is easier when your wriggly pup isn't wearing said collar.

🐾 I use aluminium in. This design whic h is a softer metal. Clanking against a food bowl, scratching, playing & generally being a dog will cause scratches & denting over time. (There is no guideline to timeframes as all dogs are different. Your dog may keep their tag for years, they may destroy it within 24 hours). 

🐾 The blacking may wear away over time, the same conditions apply as above. However the stamped imprint will not vanish.

 🐾 Size 

1. The bone is 25mm at it's longest side. The width is 35mm. The middle area is 17mm top to bottom. It is 2mm thick.


Just select from the drop down menu the style of tag you'd like, put all details in the personalisation boxes, proceed to checkout & put your feet up whilst you wait for your gorgeous parcel to arrive! 

❤ What is hand stamping?

Hand stamping is a fabulous way of making an imprint onto metal. It works completely by hand where metal stamps are held & boshed with a hammer, to leave an imprint. Because hand stamping uses no machinery at all, there may be little variations in depth to the imprints. A perfectly straight line is something that hand stampers worldwide scratch their heads in wonder at. The beauty of hand stamping is the imperfect perfectness of it & the fact that you really can have whatever your heart desires stamped onto a piece that you can treasure forever ❤

❤ Why aluminium? 

Aluminium is a wonderfully lightweight metal. It has the beauty of any other metal but it comes with bonus points; it is a fraction of the cost, beautifully lightweight & it is hypoallergenic so perfect if other metals make you a bit on the irritated side.

❤ Copper & brass will tarnish! This can be remedied with a slice of lemon & a clean cloth or traditional metal cleaner.

Handmade with love ❤


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