8th Anniversary Brass Keyring | Puzzle Piece Set-Keyring-Sparkle & Dot Designs
8th Anniversary Brass Keyring | Puzzle Piece Set-Keyring-Sparkle & Dot Designs
8th Anniversary Brass Keyring | Puzzle Piece Set-Keyring-Sparkle & Dot Designs
Sparkle & Dot Designs

8th Anniversary Brass Keyring | Puzzle Piece Set

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This gorgeous set of puzzle piece keyrings are made using beautiful brass which is a perfect metal to celebrate an 8th anniversary which is traditionally bronze. You can  choose your own wording or dates but please stick to simple words of 2 or 3 maximum. You're welcome to use a mix of names, initials & dates.

Customisation Details

Depending on the text you choose - both keyrings may be the same way. I do reserve the right to place any text the way that fits & looks best. Please don't hesitate to contact me prior to ordering.

  • Sideway piece- You can have two lines of either words, numbers OR coordinates with a MAXIMUM of 10 characters per line this includes symbols, spaces etc.
  • Longway piece - You can have three lines of wording OR numbers. 

    1st line - 8 characters inc spacing etc.
    2nd line - 3 characters in spacing etc. (For 'and' I'll use an ampersand).
    3rd line - 8 characters inc spacing etc.

    For your text leave a note in the personalisation box. Please stick to the maximum allowances (above). 


You have a choice to have text only, or you can add -

  • an infinity, small heart, small star, small sunshine or a small star.
  • &/ or initials (2 per keyring).

Leave details in the personalisation box.

 Other metals are available -

7th wedding anniversary - COPPER

10th wedding anniversary - TIN 

Enamel is used to highlight the stamping, this will wear/fade away over time. Never wear in water (not even to wash the dishes!) as this will result in the enamel peeling. You can remedy any wear with a fine black Sharpie pen.

What is hand stamping?

Hand stamping is a fabulous way of making an imprint onto metal. It works completely by hand where metal stamps are held & boshed with a hammer, to leave an imprint. Because hand stamping uses no machinery at all, there may be little variations in depth to the imprints. A perfectly straight line is something that hand stampers worldwide scratch their heads in wonder at. The beauty of hand stamping is the imperfect perfectness of it & the fact that you really can have whatever your heart desires stamped onto a piece that you can treasure forever ❤

❤ Why aluminium?

Aluminium is a wonderfully lightweight metal. It has the beauty of any other metal but it comes with bonus points; it is a fraction of the cost, beautifully lightweight & it is hypoallergenic so perfect if other metals make you a bit on the irritated side.

❤ Copper is a beautiful metal but it will tarnish over time. Some love the natural patina that copper gives & others don't. You can shine to a gleam using a metal cleaner (make sure it is suitable) or a slice of lemon & a good buff.

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